Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yamaha SY-35 disassemble

After going back from India I found my self most of the time at home, not doing much. I've watched "Moldover" in his videos and decided that I would like one of these "Controllerism Controller". Well, I don't really need something like this but... well, I don't work, I have a spare Keyboard with 2 broken keys (which I hate) and lots of spare time (till August).
Anyway, my goal is for easer keyboard drumming and not buying a Trigger Finger or some other drumming device. Actually, I took the pictures just for understanding how to connect it back :)

Anyway, this is my goal:

Wish me good luck... I WILL NEED IT! :)

Yamaha SY-35 Disassemble Picasa Album (For now only disassembly, will update when I'm done).