Saturday, April 18, 2009

Synthesis for all - intro

Hi there!
Well, for a while I'm looking to spread my knowledge around synthesis to the public. Acutely I wrote the first article 4 years ago but never took it too serious. I guess now it's a good time to start spreading and summering this incurable field of production which, in my opinion, every modern produces should understand.

So, I'm proud to introduce the "Synthesis for all" series of articles which will teach you all around Synths and there components. The articles will be simple to understand for everyone and will include a lot of video / audio examples of each step in the process.

1. Synthesis for all - The digital oscillator
2. Synthesis for all - Deeper look into the oscillator
3. Synthesis for all - Additive synthesis
4. Tutorial: Simple Additive Synthesis Sounds
5. Synthesis for all - Subtractive synthesis or just filters
6. Many more to come... hopefully :)

Please, let me know your thought about it via comments.

Thanks, Elad!

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