Monday, June 6, 2011

x0xb0x first try

First try of my new x0xb0x synth

Maybe when I will have some more time I will post a new video :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fix Twitter Client Spaces Issue (OS X)

So, I've been using Twitter regularly for sometimes.

I've tried all sorts of clients but fall in love with Tweetie or as it know called now Twitter as the official mac client. There is one problem though, the Twitter app has a "bug" that it can't stay on one Space. I wrote "bug" because i'm not sure if that's was intently or by mistake. Anyhow, the Twitter crow claim it's a bug, but currently they are not fixing it. I couldn't wait for the fix so I surf the web and look for a good solid solution but couldn't found a good one.

Some people fixing it manually but I wanted an automatic complete solution, so I wrote this complete Applescript solution.

What does the script do:
The script simply will check if the "Twitter" application is running. If so, it will only "focus" on it. If the application is not running, the script will lunch it and put it to the spaceNum value. You should set it to the space you want it to be by changing line 6: "set spaceNum to 1" for space 1 for example. Currently default is 3, just because I use it on space number 3 :)

How to "install":
1. Download the script: link
2. Open the zip file and place the Twitter.Fix file on your desktop.
3. Open AppleScript Editor (using spotlight or with Finder, Go to: /Applications/Utilities)
4. Edit the spaceNum (line 6) to the space you want.
5. Compile and Test if it work
6. To lunch the script I use Apptivate (which is awesome tool!), I used to use Spark (freeware) for a long time. You can use QuickSilverAlfred, Google Quick Search box or some other lunchers out there to run the script with a Shortcut.

See it in action:

Thats it :)

Elad Gariany
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