Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TC Electronic Konnect 8 review

The Konnect 8 is a Digital Audio interface, over FireWire connection, from TC Electronic. The interface provide a simple and solid solution for "home producers". What's new about it? well, not much. The interface joins a new genre of digital interfaces with analog characteristics, such as volume control, which allow the producer to skip a mixer or volume adapter on the way to the studio monitors. So simply, What does it mean? the only equipment that you'll have to start home producing is an Interface and Speakers, thats it!pretty ideal if you'll ask me.

Main features (With more details on this like):

Input / Output:
  • 2 Inputs - XLR / 1/4” Phone Jack (TRS) - "Hi-Z guitar optimized", Phantom power.
  • 2 Outputs - 1/4” Phone Jack
  • 2 Phones Front output - 1/4” Phone Jack Stereo
  • ADAT and S/PDIF for connecting standard digital equipment.
  • Midi In / Midi Out.
As with most standard audio interfaces now on the market, the Konnect did not fall behind and didn't surprise as well. The only interesting thing about it's I/O is the so called spacial "Hi-Z guitar optimized
" inputs (as expected from TC which was originally a guitar effect manufacturer).
From my short experience with the product (about 45 days), I can clearly say that it's AD/DA convertors are impressive comparing to it's price. Actually and honestly, I didn't feel any differences between it and my current audio interface - RME Fireface 400 - which, for all aspect, is currently recognized as one of the best audio interfaces on the market. Although it's worth mentioning that, I didn't compare between the 2 audio interfaces with an kind of A/B test.

  • Output Level - Analog volume control knob on the front panel.
  • Source Level - Digital volume control - will control the digital mixer (standalone mode).
  • TC Control Panel - Very basic yet simple mixer and control panel for the interface.
In my point, the TC control panel is too basic and a lots of features are missing there (like routing of signals, pre-sets of setups and a like).

Other Standart features:
  • Support up to 24bit / 192Khz.
  • Can operate completely as standalone.
  • Direct Monitoring with low latency.
  • Portable and light (useful for laptops).
  • Receive power from a Power supply or Firewire.
Problems which I had with the interface:
  • During the time I used the interface I heard a lot of "signal spikes" from the Monitors. The noisy-buffer like spikes might related to an electricity problem which I have in the studio or a faulty unit.
  • Under Microsoft Windows XP SP2: Installing the driver is completely a mess. It's also very very important that you will test the interface with the desired computer - Laptops with Mini-Firewire port are NOT RECOMMENDED and most of the time are NOT SUPPORTED AT ALL.
  • Under Apple OS X 10.5.x: Installing the driver is very very simple but when trying to upgrade though TC Website the installer crashed (on both my MacBook and MacPro). Other then that, works great.

  • High Quility AD/DA convertors
  • Analog Volume Control
  • Very Simple To Use
  • relatively cheap
  • FireWire Connection is a must
  • Buggy and featureless software.
  • Hardware problems / History of a lot of bad units which where returned.

Visit the following for more details:

Price: 2,300 NIS / 300$ (us)


Anonymous said...

Great blog as for me. It would be great to read a bit more about this matter. The only thing I would like to see here is a photo of any device.

Joye 510 said...

Two combo inputs on the front panel combine outstanding mic preamp quality with true Hi-Z guitar optimized inputs. The light ring gives you easy access, instant control and visual feedback on important parameters directly from the front panel.