Sunday, April 19, 2009

New studio MIDI arrangement.

Hi there!

Since I bought the RME Fireface 400 interface i was really struggling switching from "record mode" to "playback mode" when recording a guitar player or a singer. I made all kind of stuff as walkarounds for the problem (turn the mixer monitors volume down, turn the Mic input up and vice versa). Recently I reorganized my studio, changed the acoustics arrangement and finally configured the Behringer BCR-2000 controller to control the RME Fireface. I had the BCR for about 5/6 years but never had the "guts" to configure it correctly. Well, probably because the BCR 2000 has terrible "GUI" (graphic user interface) and no real support from the original developers / company.

Anyway, to do so I've had to reorganize the Midi connection in my studio which was a bit problematic. I've learned a good lesson last week and you might say a little punishment for been so old-skool conservative person. I've always preferred using the clumsy old Midi connectors rather then the new USB cables, with a thought that it should work better.

Well, thats apparently was not true. USB works just great and can transmit and receive on the same cable (which was important to me). So, less cabling, more support and cheeper cables (USB cables are more popular = cheeper then Midi cables, and only 1 cable is necessary instead of 2).

My main goals were:
* Using both Keyboards INs and OUTs (My Korg TR-88 has a great and useful GM kit).
* Controlling RME Fireface 400 with the BCR 2000 controller (Switching between record mode and playback mode).
* Controlling the SCOPE project modular synth with the BCR 2000 (consider it as an Hardware synth).
* Controlling Logic from my Korg TR-88 (When I'm focused and want to record piano).
* Discard notes Midi-data from the BCR-2000 input in logic (Used a transformer in Logic's environment).

I got the result with the following Midi cabling sketch:

Purpul cable - USB cable
Blue - Midi I/O 1
Aqua - Midi I/O 2
Green - Thru input

I hope you found the information above useful, Elad.

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